Monoï de Tahiti Oil - Everything you need to know

What is Monoi oil?

Monoï de tahiti oil is an oil that is made by soaking the leaves of the Tiaré flower in pure coconut oil. Monoï oil comes from French Polynesia where the local inhabitants use the oil to anoint and care for their babies, and to moisturize their skin and hair.

Monoi oil is really hot and hyped these days because of its fantastic delicate fragrance and its many skin and hair care benefits. Keep reading to learn more about this 100% natural oil.

Where does Monoi oil come from?

Monoi oil can be traced back to the Maohi people, the native Polynesians, to more than 2000 years ago. European explorers who traveled to the Polynesian Islands, including James Cook, documented the use of Monoi by the local inhabitants for medicinal, cosmetic and religious purposes.

Monoi oil played an important role in the life of the Maohi people, from birth to death. It was applied to small babies' bodies to prevent them from drying out in hot weather and cooling off in low temperatures.

Local navigators used Monoi to protect their bodies from cold, high winds and salt water during long boat trips at sea. (Even today many divers use Monoï for their bodies just before diving.)

Why use Monoi oil?

Monoi oil is a blessing for both your skin and your hair. Due to the presence of coconut oil, Monoi oil is a strong antibacterial oil that contains many fatty acids.

Fatty acids are good for your skin because they contain antimicrobial properties that can protect against harmful fungi and bacteria that are known to cause a number of skin infections, such as acne and cellulite.

Applying Monoi oil directly to the skin can help protect you against these conditions. Monoi oil also has an anti-inflammatory effect against eczema.

The coconut oil present in Monoi can restore and retain the moisture balance of the skin to protect against dehydration, and stimulate the skin's repair process.

How can you use Monoi oil?

Monoï oil can be used as a natural care product if:

  • pre-shampoo and shampoo
  • conditioner
  • moisturizing cream for skin and hair
  • face cream
  • cuticle oil
  • bath oil
  • massage oil

Use Monoi oil as a moisturizing oil for your entire body and massage it into your skin daily. You can even add the oil to your bath to increase the hydration of your skin.

On days when you wash your hair with a natural shampoo, you can use oil as a pre-shampoo treatment. To give your hair an extra natural shine, you can also add a few drops of Monoï oil to your conditioner.

Where can you buy Monoi oil?

You can buy Monoï oil here at You Madu. Our Monoï oil is cold-pressed and 100% natural.