Make your own Disinfecting Hand Gel (Sanitizer)

by Kristof Alentijns

Personal hygiene is always important, but with the SARS-CoV-2 virus (Coronavirus) currently taking the whole world hostage, it is more important than ever to wash / disinfect your hands often to prevent the spread of the virus.

How do you keep your hands free from contamination?

What is the best way to keep your hands free from viruses and bacteria?

First of all, washing your hands with regular soap and water  is the best way to keep your hands free of contamination. So if there is a sink and soap available, just use it!

Make sure you soap your hands well for 20 seconds and don't forget your nails too.

When it comes to disinfecting hand gel, the WHO recommends a sanitizer based on alcohol.

The WHO recommends using Isopropyl Alcohol or Ethanol as the basis for a disinfectant where the alcohol content of the end product is at least 60%, but preferably around 80%. This is because there is a lot of evidence that alcohol works with other (corona) viruses.

This kind of hand gel is currently sold out in many places, but don't worry because with a few simple ingredients you can make your disinfecting hand gel yourself. Have you run out of hand soap too? Then we also have a nice DIY recipe for that.

Handgel with alcohol


Mix the ingredients well in a bottle with a spray or pump and your disinfecting handgel is ready!

Liquid hand soap


Mix the Ingredients well and pour into a bottle.

You can also replace the essential oils with other favorites. If you don't tolerate essential oils well, you can just leave them out.