Recognize real argan skin oil

by Kristof Alentijns started 10 years ago as one of the suppliers of argan oil in Europe.

Nowadays so much argan oil is offered at various prices.
I can imagine that the consumer can no longer see the wood for the trees.
I am often called about this because of the difference between the cheap argan oil and the real argan to explain skin oil. I do that with pleasure!

Recognize real argan skin oil

As strange as it may sound, the price usually says something about the quality of the oil.
Cold-pressed argan oil is much more expensive than hot-pressed argan oil.
Why? If the oil is pressed from roasted nuts, oil comes out (more yield) and the argan oil can be sold cheaply in this way.
Hot-pressed argan skin oil is thin and smells strongly roasted and remains on the skin.
As a result, it does not feel good and has no effect on the skin.
Heating the argan oil affects the necessary vitamins and essential fatty acids.

Cold-pressed argan oil, the best for the skin

Abgur's argan oil is cold-pressed from unroasted nuts.
The advantage is a beautifully concentrated argan oil in which all vitamins have been preserved.
As a result, the argan oil is relatively less oil than the cheap version and therefore the price is somewhat lower. is higher.

The cold-pressed argan oil penetrates quickly into the skin and does not feel greasy and has a light nutty scent.